International Content Marketing: How It’s Awesome to Beat The Competition

International Content Marketing: How It’s Awesome to Beat The Competition

Take your content marketing game to a new level using the international content marketing strategy

Posted by Victor Delgadillo on November 17, 2022

International content marketing is the tool to bring all your competitors to their knees. How? Well, there are several well-studied reasons why you should take your business wherever you can, especially if you’re looking for the ultimate method for scaling it. In this article, we’ll talk about why international content marketing is the key to success, particularly if your online B2B or SAAS company is having a rough time in your local market. Let’s get right into it!

International Content Marketing Helps Your Business Beat the Competition

Beating the competition is not an issue when they can’t catch up to you. Content marketing is a bit like boxing – you can decide to trade blows or you can use all your skillset to dodge punches and tire the other fighter. Circling back to marketing, the smart thing is not to stay within the range of your competitors in the local market. Instead, you can opt to move away from them to places they never thought they could reach – you can beat them to the punch by exploring new markets they don’t know as well. That’s what international content marketing is all about. And the best thing is that this is not a new concept – there are hundreds of examples you can get from big and small companies, irrespective of their particular niche. The thing is that there has to be a key to open your business up and allow it to reach those opportunities. And that key is as simple as it gets – you need to convey the message of your business in different languages. Of course, that idea sounds a little bit complex for most business owners, but we can assure you it isn’t.

Here’s Why International Content Marketing Is Awesome

Beating your competitors becomes much easier with global content marketing because they don’t have the reach you have. Why? Simply because you’re multiplying your potential customer base by thousands. That is an amazing advantage if your competitors don’t have any web presence in said language. Even if your product or service has a lot of competition, if you have a web presence everywhere, you maximize the opportunities to gain traction and grow your company in several markets. Divide and conquer. This strategy will allow you to diversify your business, even if you’re offering a single product or service, and present it to several audiences. If the competition is rough in other languages, you can try again in a different language they’re not targeting. For example, **at **Polyblog, we’re competing with several other businesses in the same niche – yet we differentiate ourselves by providing this content in several languages. If you’re reading this in any language that’s not English, then the fact you’re doing so is proof that we beat our competitors in your market! And the good thing is that this strategy is not hard to apply – you can scale it effortlessly to every language with a few steps. You just need the right tools and approach to achieve it. What’s the correct approach? Here are the steps you can follow to translate and scale your business.

1. Create Thought-Out Content That Connects With Your Audience in Your Company’s Native Language

Your company must become comfortable with talking directly to your audience. You must create a full content marketing strategy in your native language to experiment in the safest way possible with what works best to connect with your audience. You don’t have to start this way, but it will give you the advantage of sailing in known waters. Then you have to create high-quality, informative articles that help your audience in some way. You can try:

  • Educational articles
  • Informational articles
  • News and trends articles
  • And articles with tips or advice on specific topics

Once you have created several high-performing articles or blogs, you must study them to gain insight into what made them successful. With this newly-gained information, you can move on to the next step.  **Note: **Keep in mind that your content marketing strategy doesn’t have to be limited to articles though – you can also take advantage of the different kinds of media available.

2. Translate a Healthy Dosage of the Content

Now that you have the content and the information about its performance, you need to translate it into other languages. *Which languages? ***We highly discourage you from overthinking this **– regardless of your service or product, there’s probably space for it in any language. Even though it’s normal to think you must pick specific languages, you can’t take too long overthinking this. In that time, your competitors can beat you to the idea because, as we said, it’s not new, and we can see this becoming a trend in the coming years. Additionally, by a healthy dosage, we meant that you don’t need to translate all of your content. Just translate the best-performing pieces to keep the operation simple, easy to track, and affordable.

3. Publish Content

Publishing the content is the point of no return – your product will become international, and you’ll start seeing the result of your efforts. It’s also a good idea to start targeting the different languages you chose in social media. This step will allow you to increase your reach and gather information about how the content performs in other countries.

4. Keep Track of The KPIs

Keeping track of your content is vital because it’s the only way to improve it! At first, we recommend sticking to the usual **SEO **and Google Search Console KPIs. Those are the following:

  • Impressions
  • Average position
  • CTR

You can also keep track of conversions of your products and services, although it’s a little bit soon at this stage. Another thing to keep in mind is social media – if you included it in your marketing efforts, then you should also leverage all the data you can from different audiences for the next step.

5. Evolve Your Product or Service

So far, we haven’t talked about how your content strategy directly affects your products or services. And that’s because it doesn’t affect it until this stage. Up to this point, you’re just probing the different markets. Once your KPIs show you that there is indeed a market for your content, then it’s time to adapt your product to the needs of your global customers. Not all customers will be the same across borders – you must prepare for that. For example, if your product is only in English, and you’re creating an international content strategy for Italy, then you must:

  • Adapt your content to the Italian market
  • Adapt your product to the different buyer personas from Italy

This is something that takes time and effort, but it’s the only way of scaling your business globally – that’s why knowing when to scale your company in a specific country is key. You must invest in top-notch translators, include them in your product-development stages to translate guides, open up new customer assistance channels, and more. **Note: **We highly recommend you use tools like Crisp, which can help you handle all of the documentation, and customer service in different languages, and automatically receive messages from different channels into only one tool. It’s fully compatible with!

The Waiterio Case Study

Waiterio is one of the best examples of why international content marketing is vital for growth. Waiterio is the company our CEO created before creating Polyblog, and actually, it gave birth to this platform you’re reading from. Waiterio had a need for scaling content because of two main reasons:

  • The point-of-sale industry is very competitive.
  • The content the company was creating was restaurant industry-related, so it was highly competitive in English, and in all other languages as well.

That’s why our CEO decided to create Polyblog – to easily translate Waiterio’s content into several languages. And this strategy proved effective. The marketing team was astonished to see the results so fast. They discovered that the company had many leads in different countries, like Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, and more. <img src=""/> Thus, the company started creating content in English, translating it, and scaling it to other languages, which has allowed it to grow exponentially. This has also affected the company’s marketing strategy as a whole, adding video content creation for YouTube in Spanish, English, and many other languages to come. But, none of that would have been possible without translating the content the company was creating into numerous other languages. <img src=""/>

Disadvantages of International Content Marketing

There are very few disadvantages to international marketing – unless you’re doing it the wrong way, there’s nothing to be feared. Scaling your business across several countries can be tiring and expensive, especially if you don’t have a way of managing it all at the same time in a single platform. Not to mention the task of managing different bilingual translators for every country. If those are your concerns, then we have the perfect solution for you ahead.

How Polyblog and International Content Marketing Go Hand in Hand is a multilingual CMS that will make your international content marketing strategy a walk in the park. With Polyblog, you’ll be able to upload and translate your content into more than 60 languages. We developed this system with companies of all sizes in mind to help them scale their content creation into global markets by helping you:

  • Create or upload content in your native language. You only need one to get started!
  • Automatically translate the content with just a click into 60+ different languages.
  • And to collaborate with translators. They can make subtle changes to make the content stand out with your audience locally.

This simple method will allow you to conquer the world of international content creation – and it’s just a few clicks away. Many different features make Polyblog superior to other alternatives, like its SEO-optimized design, lightspeed loading times, and clean and responsive theme. *Are you ready to take the next step in taking your company worldwide? *Then learn more about how Polyblog can help your business grow!

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